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super commuter
So it's a decent day out, slight drizzle, cool, the taste of coffee still on your lips and it's time for work. It's nice enough out so you want to ride, but the coffee hasn't kicked in yet and you're not ready to think yet so you grab your Super Commuter. Why? Because of the fenders, the ease of the maintenance free drive train and the front rack bag (custom made by BaileyWorks) to hold your wallet, keys, lock and rain jacket. This bike is like your best friend.
The Super Commuter is the ultimate urban commuting bicycle.


the ox
The OX was welded on Jan 1st 2009 (beginning of western calendar) and was finished on January 26th (beginning of the Chinese zodiac "year of the OX").

On the seat tube and seat is what we believe to be a translation of Independent Fabrication. I got the translation from a little old lady in Chinatown that is a great calligrapher, but I was a little wary of her translating ability. I'm sure I'll find out what it really means... eventually. Tyler.


the pursuit
What you see before you is a 2007 Independent Fabrication concept Pursuit Track Bike. This bicycle is the was voted BEST TRACK BIKE at the 2007 North American Handmade Bicycle Show despite its "illegal design’’ due to aerodynamic advantage. It was voted the best because of its amazing craftsmanship and overall concept execution. Indy Fab makes only high end custom bicycles; this Pursuit Bike is just an example of how they can push the limits of their craft.


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